Market Research & Technologies

We recently partnered with Dooblo (Survey to go), one of the leading technology for tablet or mobile surveys with high end quality assurance on go. We are the reseller for them in India and having many satisfied client on this platform. Please get in touch for more detail or demo.

Consider ourselves as the master of innovations and that’s only because of the trust our customer has showed in us. We serve all categories of market research services and provide the best & latest technologies for our services. We are into end to end services provider for market research task, a single shop for all your need. We are into …

  • Research Proposal Designing
  • Research Designing
  • Questionnaire Designing
  • Survey Programming (both online & offline)
  • Data Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • Open End Coding
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Dashboards (both online & offline)
  • Reporting
  • Report Writing
  • Presentation Designing
  • Automation and many more

We are not limited to these, but these just indicative to show what all can be done. If you need any other information please get in touch with our team. We are here to help in achieving the result you desire and you look upto.

Survey Programming & Data Collection

Not limited to the available technologies and tools, we create wherever needed to deliver the accurate and high quality survey links in order to collect sophisticated data. We select the tool based on accuracy, to maintain the quality of responses, option to check and validate the response at any point during fielding, to get timely updates based on client need, and to get the data format our client looking for. These not only save on cost but also on time which is the need of the hour.

We are capable of doing anything and everything to make your respondent engaged throughout the survey so to capture the clear perceptions. We do …

  • Multi-lingual Surveys
  • Tracking Study
  • Inclusion of Flash, HTML5, JavaScript etc. in program to give best look & feel
  • Multimedia Surveys
  • Online & Offline Surveys
  • Tablet & Mobile Surveys
  • Customized device Surveys and many more

Our surveys have the best features and better than competition. You can have following features

  • Link with all information you want to pass
  • Include all multimedia features like audio, video, photos, recording etc.
  • Basic survey logics like skips, terminate, piping sorting, sum etc.
  • All complex logic like least count, randomization, random selection, database connectivity, redirects, auto completion etc.
  • Social Media connectivity and access to your social pages
  • Status & completion bar
  • Customized survey themes and logo
  • Reporting link with real-time results
  • Conjoint features, brand perception meter, product testing, healthcare etc.
  • GPS tracking and real time GPS reports
  • IP tracking and dupe checks
  • Quota implementation from basic to complex and many more

Our surveys are hosted on very secure server with access to only people who manage the specific projects. We guarantee the security of data and maintain our commitment at any cost. The cost of hosting is also very minimal and with access to progress of field and quota to client on real time.

Data can be generated in all formats used in our domain and not limited but can deliver formats like …

  • Excel
  • Excel – Fully Labeled
  • SPSS – Fully Labeled
  • CSV
  • TSV
  • ASCII – Fixed Width
  • Single Card ASCII
  • Multi Card ASCII
  • XML
  • Databases File
  • Tab / Space Delimited
  • … and many more

Tablet Programming

We are authorized partner of SurveyToGo (Dooblo) and recommend this for all tablet survey programming and hosting. But not bounded to it and always provide the alternatives if our client looks for something else. The features available in Dooblo are much more sophisticated & reach that we feel this as tool of the future.

The data collection can be done offline and sync the data once you get online with server. Also it tracks the GPS of the surveyor which help the field manager know the route and the locations where all data is getting collect. This also provide the information, what the route has been followed, at what time the survey started, current location of the surveyor, and also features to record the discussion between surveyor and respondent in order to monitor quality.

Survey can be deployed on N number of tablets or mobile device with an ease to collect data on go. All data will automatically get sync to server on connectivity.

Get all files format from the server and also the real time access to data with an option to approve or reject any interview based on quality parameters.


Sample is the key for any data results and we are expert in sampling techniques for all different types of study. We provide sample that gives the actual representation with high quality responses. Our samples are high on quality sigma scores. We provide sample for all demographics, for all countries, for B2C, B2B, for executives, for end user, and many more.

We just need the sample size you are looking for, your quota specs i.e. target demographics and length of the survey to get going. Believe us we are best not only on quality of sample but also on the cost of the sample. We partner for you with other sample provider if anything falling short due to low IR. We take reasonability to deliver the required N.

Interactive Dashboard

We are curios as you and we believe in delivering more than the expectation. That’s the reason we believe in providing the services which help our client to interact and get answers to all curiosity from their data. After all these data are their property and they deserve to know all aspects of it.

We do simple things, leave the complex for others. We create interactive dashboards on data to facilitate the interaction of researchers with data both visual and in tabular data formats. Just on click of few buttons they can have their answer and they don’t have to run after team for getting data run to get the information every time or anytime.

We provide both standalone and online interactive dashboards. Please get in touch with our team for demo and more information about it.

Data Visualization

Provide the best visualization of data to get maximum information and could be easily understood by layman. Our teams are capable of creating the best visual information from raw data and align it with research objectives. From basic to 3D, all types of visualization are done by our team.

Visual data presentations are more informative than any other format whether it is tabular or statistical. Graphs, curves, lines, bars etc. give more satisfaction and answer to questions on data than any other mode. We recommend and deliver all types of info graphics, psychographics, pictographs, etc. Try our services, and you will be amazed.